AVLA (Audiovisual Learning Archive)

The project (funded by the UCM) consists of the use of new methodologies and technologies applied to the teaching and learning of the different modes of audiovisual translation (AVT), especifically the ones related to accessibility: subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and audiodescription for the blind or partially-sighted. The main goal is to design materials, resources and evaluation processes in order to put into practice these new technologies and methodologies for teaching and learning.

The project includes the compilation of the CALING corpus (Corpus de Accesibilidad Lingüística) which includes a database of different activities designed by the research group and used in different audiovisual translations university classes to teach the different modes of audiovisual translation: dubbing, subtitling for hearing population, subtitling for the deaf (SDH) and audiodescription for the blind (AD). The project also includes the evaluation by real recepients of the students' activities complied in the CALING corpus.


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